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Be Loud Studios amplifies kid confidence through radio and digital media production. We help kids turn screens into tools for self-expression and courageous collaboration. 

Being loud means showing up, creating something different, being curious, and being assertive. Whether it be with a microphone or a camera, we trust youth to be creators, not solely consumers, and to hold space to practice their loudness; their ideas, opinions, and perspectives are real, relevant, and worthy of expression.

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our history

amplify student voices.

Be Loud Studios was founded by two teachers in January 2018 following their shared observation that their STEM class fully engaged students who seemed to be academically disengaged in typical classroom settings. In particular, one student initially refused to both write and participate in class when given academic work. When given the opportunity to be on the mic, however, he began filling pages with his ideas, rushing to school so he could record his words and thoughts. This invigorated spark of enthusiasm revealed just how deeply students need real-world practice with creative technology – an outlet to speak up and be heard.

This energy prompted us to grow our small project into a school-wide, student-run radio station. We printed T-shirts and recorded nearly 100 students in the first six months, broadcasting the “show” during carpool hours. Seeing the station’s initial success and the continued desire from and for students to have more voice in their community, we launched Be Loud Studios as an independent 501c3 organization in March 2019.

Since then, our school-based program has grown into a city-wide project and platform that has engaged over 500 kids through afterschool programs, camps, and teacher fellowships.

98% of kids in Be Loud report a higher level of confidence.

Specifically on skills like recording with a microphone, writing, editing and mixing, and sharing their work publically.

DJs say that they make on average four new friends.

Building these connections increases the capacity of youth to grow and make mistakes.

100% of DJs in our program reported

Feeling safe and comfortable to be themselves in their space this school year. We proudly prioritize our ability to build positive and inclusive culture alongside kids.

Over 99% of our families would recommend our program to others

As well as that their kids feel safe and heard in our programs.

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our team

Alex Owens / DJ Flipphone

Executive Director

Alex is a dedicated educator with over 10 years of classroom experience. Throughout this time, Alex has stewarded creative schools and learning environments that encourage hands-on learning, student autonomy, and collaborative problem solving. In New Orleans, he founded and manages Be Loud Studios, a non-profit radio station dedicated to amplifying child confidence through radio and digital media production.

Diana Turner / DJ Turn It Up

Operations Director

Diana has been a proud New Orleans educator for the last fourteen years. She was a founding teacher at Firstline Schools and Bricolage Academy where she taught K-4th grades and coached teachers across the city. Diana has spent her educational career working with educators to promote student voice, integrate antiracist teaching practices, and engage students in culturally relevant learning experiences. Diana, along with Alex, founded Be Loud Studios, a student-run radio program, in response to students wanting a place to write and discuss what was important to them. Diana currently works at Be Loud Studios in fundraising and operations and nationally at Mind Research Institute developing math curriculum that puts students at the center of the learning.

Daniel Jones / DJ InstaRamen

Technical Director

Daniel has worked with youth of all ages from teaching sports to toddlers to teaching songwriting to school age children with Upturn Arts. Daniel Jones is an artist and content creator in New Orleans and has hosted and performed in shows all across the city including producing his own radio show on WAMF 90.3.