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We ask kids to speak up to build a more equitable world. Kids need outlets to speak up and be heard, and they need safe places to practice using digital tools. Our culture often devalues the voices of youth, especially BIPOC youth. As a result, we work with students not to teach them creativity, but to amplify the creativity that is already within them. We do this by teaching digital media skills, coaching students on script writing, and finding outlets for kids to be louder. Scroll down to learn more.

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"It's awesome to see my kid energized around radio and feeling more confident in his storytelling and creative ability, as well as more self-aware."

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“Be Loud has made me really strong, proud, and happy.”

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“My favorite part is having my child openly express her feelings. Be Loud gave my daughter the voice she was once afraid of using.”

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“Be Loud makes me proud of myself and heard by my community.”

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“It's so amazing to see him use the technology for creation. Be Loud gives his confidence a major boost and provides very important life skills.”

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“To Be Loud means to express yourself freely and to have fun with it!”

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"Storytelling is so powerful! Be Loud gives you the skills to help amplify the voices of young people so they can share their own stories."

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